1. Venting: Creativity

    I’m a huge fan of anything and everything that fosters creativity. I think society is beginning to embrace a more wholesome definition for art…cooking, snowboarding, fashion….thats all art to me. “Innovation” seems to be the buzz word of the 21st century. When our creative devices are allowed to flourish, we as human beings flourish. We innovative, we build, we grow.


  2. Sitting here looping this I can only imagine anybody & everybody who wants to be relevant in hip hop in 2014 is sitting at home bumping their head while simultaneously clinching their fists because Drake is that lone fly in the lab that you can’t trap or swat. #youknowIhadtodoittoem

  3. Barça- album coming soon

  4. Streets of Barcelona.


  5. Quality

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  6. Hey!

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  7. Pure.

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  8. "I was only trying to get ahead…"

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  9. Fun fact: The palm trees in Myrtle Beach, SC are imported from Florida.


  10. Up in the air.

    Deuces DC, the hustle is about to be live.  


  11. Sad boy polar vortex anthem.

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  12. Same love in a M.a.a.D city.

    The 2014 Grammy Awards were absolutely brilliant in terms of performance and entertainment value. From the onset “Drunk in Love” intro that had all of us bowing at Jay and Beyonce like the brits revere their beloved Royal family, to the closing marriage ceremony that had half the house in tears and likely had a lot of uber sensative and ignorant folks feeling mildly uncomfortable. 

    The show and stage performances were so spectacular that the categories and purpose of the evening almost became irrelevant. Luckily, thanks to social media and the outcry of support in the blog community for the snubbed, adequate attention has been given to last night’s winners and nominees. As a fan of hip hop, rap culture and everything that entails, I felt some type of way watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sweep the night with 4 gold sippy cups. My take on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is fairly jaded. Way before “Thrift Shop” I had a chance to kick it with these guys and they graced my roommates and I with free tix to their show and about an hour of their time for our budding college blog. Needless to say, I’ve loved seeing the progression and explosion of the Seattle duo. 

    Conceptually and lyrically, Kendrick Lamar has elevated contemporary hip hop like no other millennial. The commercial success of Good Kid, M.a.a.d City and the very fact that the Compton native was nominated and recognized this year says a lot about his music, the relevance of the genre and is a validation of rap music as a legitimate cultural art form. 

    As much as many of us would’ve loved to see K. Dot leave with a Gold Gramophone, I’m not sure it matters. I’ve seen a ton of people post about how Bob Marley, Tupac, Nas, Biggie & Led Zeppelin have never won but are legends nonetheless. Ultimately, a Grammy is simply a stamp of approval by an institution that has tricked us all into buying into their scheme. I’ll spare readers from a pretentious philosophical diatribe (True Detective has me off that movement). I just needed to jot this down and 140 characters wasn’t gonna suffice.


  13. What’s better than followers is following [fallin’ in] love.


  14. "If not now, then when? If not you, then who?"
    — ABC’s of LIfe, Byron V. Garrett 
  15. Banksy? Didn’t think so